Cat and Kitten Rescue - Past successes

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Here are some we did earlier!

Over the years, we have homed hundreds of cats; here are some pictures of a few of them. Click on any one to see a larger image.

This year, 2000, we were asked to home a few kittens by someone who couldn't find homes for them. There turned out to be 22 kittens, all around 3 months old, and 12 adults, none of whom were neutered. All our pens and foster homes came into play, and we eventually found homes for them all, and returned two of the adults to the owner after they had been neutered. Here's one in her new home, slumbering peacefully!


This technologically minded puss is Andrew who lives with his comfort loving partner, Arnold.

(How come all the little darlings I get from Helen all want to sit on my lap, or on the keyboard, or the knitting machine needles, or the page of the book I am reading? Webmistress)


Black fluffy catsThese handsome animals came to us from a farm; they had not been handled and were a bundle of terrified black fluff. After some time with lots of gentle care, they were brave enough to live in Helen's house for a period to become "domesticated" and subsequently went to a home where they are adored!

Here they are in their garden.



Bedraggled kitten in towelSugar and Spice were chocolate box kittens, and went to a house backing on to fields, and a super family with two spaniels already. We lent them a kitten pen so the dogs could get used to the cats in safety. Unfortunately, this didn't work with one of the dogs, and we were a little concerned when the kittens outgrew the pen. However, as soon as the kittens were free, the dog stopped paying them any attention; he probably thought it unfair the poor little kittens were shut up!

Kittens and spaniels on bedSadly he has since passed on, but the family has a new puppy who definitely knows his place!!New puppy in basket with adult cat