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We always hope to make a match first time, and take care to understand both the potential new owners' tastes and requirements, and the needs of the cats in our care. This is why we ask what can seem to be very personal questions, and may suggest we visit your home. It is in every one's interests for us to get it right, especially as the cat may already have suffered when its home broke up originally.

However, all our cats are homed on a trial basis. You can see some of our cats in their new homes on this page.

Any cat over 6 months of age is neutered before rehoming and will be vaccinated also. Kittens have always had their first innoculations and will be vet checked before homing.

Our vets' bill is by far the greater part of our monthly outlay, and despite a generous discount from our vets, costly so we will ask you to pay for any innoculations a cat or kitten may have had in our care. Donations are also greatly appreciated.

Cats requiring homes

We always have many cats needing your help. We don't always have kittens, although we often have very young cats. Queens will start to have their litters from April onwards, so we do not expect to have many kittens of homing age until June or July each year. We usually have kittens until October. We do not home cats where they have no safe access to a garden (unless an indoor life is better) or on busy roads.

Can you offer a home to any of these? Call Helen on 023 80253563.

28th November 2017. Beautiful cats ready for homes. Please call Helen on the number above.

Sophie Sophie is a very sociable, friendly black girl. She has medium length fur and a magical fluffy tail! She is around 18 months old and has been inoculated and neutered. Sophie needs a home of her own as soon as possible.

Rufus is a shorthaired apricot handsome chap of tow to three years old. He loves affection and food. He is inoculated and neutered.

He looks a bit sleepy here, but he's really just closing his eyes against the flash!


Gino is a very playful and friendly dark tabby boy, eight months old. He is inoculated and neutered.

Lively lad, he stands up on his back legs for a treat!


Heidi is our youngest inmate and will be ready for her own home as soon as she has been inoculated and neutered. She is a delightful, sociable little cat, a real black beauty.

I took the pictures late yesterday afternoon and this little lady just wouldn't stay still. Rest assured, she has a normal very pretty little head!